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Defining domestic & family violence helps identify the problem

What is DFV?

Understanding the hidden problem affecting Toowoomba families

Domestic and family violence can involve various types of spousal abuse. Knowing the characteristics of these types of behaviour will provide the necessary steps to intervene or get the assistance you need. 


There are numerous resources available both online and through helplines that can offer advice on how to escape domestic violence.

If someone you know is in an abusive relationship,  seek help immediately!


Reach out if you suspect someone is experiencing domestic violence

Using our Recognise, Respond, and Refer model, if you know someone who is experiencing domestic violence, respond with care and understanding. 


Offer your support in any way possible while respecting their decisions and choices. Encourage them to reach out if they need to — there’s no shame in seeking help when faced with a dangerous situation like domestic violence.

Take all accusations of domestic violence seriously

Never ignore signs or brush off the issue as insignificant. Above all else, ensure the person feels safe and that their wellbeing is always prioritised.

Learn how to Recognise DFV

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