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Working religious & spiritual leaders of Toowoomba to end domestic violence in the Garden City

Faith Action Group

Inspiring & empowering safe relationships within Toowoomba’s communities of faith

Domestic and family violence (DFV) is a widespread problem felt throughout every aspect of Toowoomba, including communities of faith. Our Faith Action Group works with religious and spiritual leaders to address intimate partner violence. 


The Faith Action Group aims to eliminate relationship-based violence by creating change through education.

Help promote safe relationships in our communities of faith


Empowering people of faith with the right tools to address DFV

Toowoomba Together has resources that educate and inform the community to make positive changes to their relationships, and lives. 


Becoming a Toowoomba Together Member will give you access to workshops, events, information and additional resources to recognise, respond and refer to situations of DFV.

Become a Toowoomba Together supporter

To join our Faith Action Group and help eliminate DFV in Toowoomba
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