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Promoting & building healthy relationships throughout our sporting community.

Sports Action Group

Playing an integral part of the Australian culture, sport brings people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities together

Sports can be a key driver in promoting respect and gender equality and supporting the prevention of family and domestic violence.


Our Sports Action Group sub-committee works with local sporting clubs and organisations to promote awareness of domestic and family violence (DFV).

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Routing out domestic & family violence from our sporting clubs

The Sports Action Group’s ‘Not In Our Club’ initiative provides local sporting clubs with the tools to embed social change in our community through respectful relationships. 


Not In Our Club aims to bring down barriers between teams and organisations and join together towards a common goal of reducing domestic violence from our sporting clubs. 

Toowomba Together encourages anyone committed to preventing family and domestic violence to register as a supporter for Not In Our Club.

Are you interested in supporting our Sports Action Group? Reach out today!
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