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Standing up against domestic & family violence within our business community

Business Action Group

Addressing the economic impact of domestic and family violence (DFV)

Our Business Action Group works with local businesses across all industries to address DFV in the Toowoomba Region. 


The Business Action Group supports the local business community by organising educational workshops, events, and resources to provide employers and employees with the tools to stand up against DFV.

Keep Toowoomba’s business community free of DFV


The cost of domestic violence

DFV has wide-ranging and persistent effects on the mental health of people who experience domestic violence, which can flow into their workplace, affecting the wider business and staff.


With wide-ranging and persistent effects on the mental health of those experiencing domestic violence, DFV flows into workplaces affecting the wider business and staff.  


Studies suggest that intimate partner violence is costing the Australian corporate and business sector more than $13.6 billion through the following: 


  • Sick leave & absences

  • Reduced staff retention

  • Diminished productivity

  • Increased staff attrition 

  • Abuse of workplace resources

Reduce the impact of DFV in our business community

Benefits of training support

Maintaining an income gives people experiencing violence in a relationship a choice and may offer a chance to leave an abusive relationship. 


Research on factory workers found that after participating in DFV training, there was an increase of employees seeking support for abuse up to 14 times higher than before. 


Further research has shown workplaces where workers who access counselling to address DFV attended work more often had a reduction in absenteeism.

Don’t want an abusive relationship impacting your work?

If you’re interested in joining our Business Action Group
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