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Empowering safe & respectful relationships in the Toowoomba Region

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Addressing domestic & family violence through collaboration, education & support

Toowoomba Together aims to drive social change around domestic and gender-based violence through education, awareness campaigns, preventative programs, and meaningful partnerships.  


We collaborate with Toowoomba’s community members to support individuals experiencing violence, educate those who use violence, and empower witnesses of the effects of violent relationships to create positive change.

Toowoomba Together uses three Rs: Recognise, Respond, and Refer to make positive changes addressing domestic and family violence

Recognise, Respond, & Refer



Recognising domestic violence can be difficult and often makes people experiencing violence feel ashamed or trapped by their abuser. It’s important to remember that anyone who experiences domestic violence has the right to seek help.



If you’re concerned that someone may be experiencing domestic violence, then the best way to Respond is with kindness and compassion. Let them have your support and listen to them without judgement.



Referring someone who experiences violence to support services is an important step. There are many support services available such as helplines, counsellors, and refuge facilities.

These resources can offer advice, guidance, and shelter and may refer to other specialist services.


Learn more about Toowomba Together’s Action Groups

We actively collaborate with pillars of the Toowoomba community, including business, education, faith, health, and sports to raise awareness and address domestic and family violence. 


Working with these groups, we provide numerous materials for education and training to provide the tools to help them Recognise, Respond, and Refer to domestic violence in the community. 


Together with these five pillars, we work towards changing the culture and underlying beliefs and behaviours around gender-based violence. 


While each pillar works towards its own goal, we all work collaboratively to achieve our common mission.

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