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We exist to inspire and empower the community towards safe, respectful relationships.

Our Mission

We work with community leaders, service providers and specialist providers to inform and educate, as well as support victims.

Children who have grown up in a family with domestic violence have a higher risk of anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, relationship problems, and alcohol and drug misuse. They may also be more likely to become perpetrators or victims of domestic and family violence as adults


Our Vision

By 2030, our community will practice safe respectful relationships


Take part in Toowoomba Together's, Not In Our Community campaign. We encourage you to view our campaign launch video and spread the word. Do we accept Domestic & Family Violence? #NotInOurCommunity

Show your support by sharing this Not In Our Community video to your social pages.

Our Values


We believe that all members of a personal relationship have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. Diversity of opinion, experience and belief brings a richness to all relationships.


We believe that mutual respect is the cornerstone of all safe respectful relationships. Mutual respect stems from healthy self-respect and dedication to constructive resolution of conflicts.


We believe that an informed community can collaborate to fully understand the impacts of gender-based violence and be motivated to support victims and perpetrators.


We believe that a commitment to diversity embraces the experiences and opinions of the whole community while encouraging participation from a broad range of people. 

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Our Strategy

Click here to download a summary of our 2021 Strategic Plan.

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