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Not In Our Community

Toowoomba Together launched our new campaign, Not In Our Community. Through our Education, Sports, Faith, Business and Health pillars we aim to provide the training and resources needed to eliminate Domestic & Family Violence in the Toowoomba region. We encourage you to view our campaign video and spread the word. Do we accept Domestic & Family Violence? #NotInOurCommunity 

Do your part and spread this important message. Download/share this video to your business, club and personal social media pages. Remember to add the hashtag #NotInOurCommunity at @ tag @ToowoombaTogether


Sports Club Resources Kit

The ‘Not in our Club’ resource toolkit aims to support various sporting organisations and partners to embed social change to make our Community Safer through respectful relationships.

How to support someone you know

This fact sheet will give you simple tips on how to support someone you know who is in a controlling and possibly abusive relationship.



Not in Our Club material available to download

Not In Our Club Posters ready to be displayed around your club.

Helpful Links

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