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Toowoomba Together Board Members


Tony Rehn

Chairman, Toowoomba Together

Introducing Tony Rehn, our esteemed Chairman, whose career as a Police Officer has been marked by dedication and community service. Recently retired, Tony's professional journey in law enforcement has been characterized by unwavering commitment and a profound understanding of community dynamics. His experience in the police force has provided him with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities for promoting safety and respect within communities.

Tony's passion for community service extends beyond his career in law enforcement. He has been an active and integral member of numerous community groups across our region, contributing significantly to various initiatives and causes. His leadership and involvement in these groups underscore his dedication to fostering a strong, cohesive, and supportive community.

At the heart of Tony's endeavours is his relentless passion for Toowoomba Together Inc. (TTI). As our Chairman, he is not only a guiding force but also an inspirational figure who continuously seeks to promote TTI's mission. His focus is on developing and implementing effective strategies to educate our community about safe and respectful relationships.


Tony's vision and initiatives aim to create a more informed, aware, and empathetic community, where every individual is empowered to contribute to a culture of respect and safety.

Tony Rehn's leadership at TTI is a beacon of hope and direction, driving us towards a future where domestic and family violence is not just addressed, but prevented through education, understanding, and community engagement.

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Ben Twidale

Board Member and TTI Treasurer

Meet Ben Twidale, a proud Toowoomba native with a rich decade-long journey in delivering expert business, strategic accounting, and taxation guidance. His clientele ranges from large-scale enterprises to medium-sized businesses and high net worth individuals. What sets Ben apart is his unwavering commitment to equality and opportunity for all, regardless of their background. He's not just an advocate; he's a believer in the transformative power of education and opportunity to uplift our community. Ben's vision is clear: to foster a society where everyone can thrive and contribute, making Toowoomba a beacon of inclusivity and progress.


Katie Giuliano

Board Member and Secretariat

Meet Katie Giuliano, our dedicated Secretariat, whose journey is deeply entwined with the fabric of Toowoomba. As someone who was born, raised, and now raising her own family in this vibrant community, Katie's connection to Toowoomba is both personal and profound. This connection fuels her commitment to her role and the ideals of Toowoomba Together Inc. (TTI).

Katie's dedication to TTI and its mission is nothing short of incredible. She skilfully balances her professional responsibilities with her role as a working mother, bringing a unique perspective and empathy to her work. Her approach is infused with a deep understanding of family dynamics and community needs, making her an invaluable asset to our team.


At TTI, Katie is known for her unwavering support, meticulous attention to detail, and her ability to harmonise the many moving parts of our organisation. Her efforts ensure that TTI operates smoothly and effectively, enabling us to focus on our core mission of fostering safe, respectful relationships within the community.

Katie's role as our Secretariat goes beyond administrative duties; she is a cornerstone of our organisation, embodying the spirit and values of TTI. Her dedication is a source of inspiration and a driving force in our collective effort to make a positive, lasting impact in the fight against domestic and family violence.


John Minz

Board Member - Faith Pillar Chair

Introducing John Minz, a devoted family man and esteemed former CEO of Heritage Bank, who led the organization until his retirement in 2015. John's passion for making a difference continues beyond his illustrious banking career. He currently holds influential roles as a director of RACQ Ltd and Chair of RACQ Bank, Darling Downs & West Moreton PHN, Australia’s CEO Challenge, and, notably, former Chair of Toowoomba Together.


Since 2006, he has been a dedicated White Ribbon Ambassador, demonstrating his deep commitment to promoting gender equity and eradicating domestic violence. John's leadership and advocacy in these critical areas reflect his vision of a society grounded in equality, safety, and respect for all.


Kath Turley

Board Member

Introducing Kath Turley, a dedicated advocate with over 15 years of deep-rooted experience in the domain of domestic violence. As the Service Manager of the Domestic Violence Action Centre (DVAC) in Toowoomba, Kath plays a pivotal role in addressing domestic violence in the Darling and Southern Downs regions. DVAC stands as a beacon of hope and support, offering specialised services to those impacted by these critical issues.

Kath, a proud Toowoomba local, has devoted a remarkable 25 years to Human Services, making significant strides in disability, parenting support, and predominantly, domestic and family violence sectors, primarily within the not-for-profit realm. Her unwavering commitment is evident in her pursuit to ensure that every woman and child has the right to a life devoid of violence. Under her leadership, DVAC provides comprehensive and compassionate support to women, children, and families experiencing domestic and family violence.


Kath's vision extends beyond immediate services; she advocates for a cultural shift in our societal narrative around gender-based violence. She champions the cause of dismantling gender stereotypes and roles, actively promotes discussions on gender equality, and underscores the importance of perpetrator accountability. Kath believes that the responsibility to foster a safer, more equitable community lies with each one of us, urging a collective effort to change the discourse and realities surrounding gender-based violence.


James O’Shea

Board Member - Sports Pillar Chair

Meet James O'Shea, a true son of Toowoomba, born and bred in the Garden City. His deep local roots are enriched by the diverse heritage of his family, with his father Pat being a lifelong resident, and his mother Cecile hailing from the Philippines, having made Toowoomba her home since 1981. James is closely bonded with his family, including his younger sisters Kate and Karen, who also contribute to the vibrancy of Toowoomba's community. His life partner, Erin Kehoe-O’Shea, shares his love for this city, further anchoring his dedication to the area.

James's professional journey is marked by a dynamic 13-year tenure at WIN Television Toowoomba, where he honed his leadership skills as chief of staff for five years. His versatile media background spans across radio and newspapers, reflecting a deep understanding of community narratives and communication.

Beyond his professional achievements, James is a committed advocate and community leader. As an ambassador for Hope Horizons Inc, he embodies compassion and support for those in need. He plays an integral role in various committees including Toowoomba Together's Not In Our Club committee, AFL Darling Downs Queensland Advisory committee, Sports Darling Downs committee, Glenholme Park Sports and Community Hub committee, and as vice president of The Great White Campaign. His efforts in these roles, especially in striving to bring a neurosurgeon to Toowoomba, demonstrate his unwavering commitment to enhancing the wellbeing and healthcare accessibility for the people of Toowoomba.


Charlie Rowe

Board Member - Health Pillar Chair

Introducing Charlie Rowe, a man deeply rooted in his Aboriginal heritage as a proud member of the Kamilaroi tribe of Northern NSW. Raised in Toowoomba, Charlie's connection to his heritage is a vital part of his identity. He hails from a lineage deeply intertwined with the land and the community, with his mother's family originating from the small mission of Toomelah. This bond to 'Country' is more than just a connection to a place; it's a profound relationship with the people, the traditions, and the history of the area.

Charlie's upbringing in Toowoomba, combined with his strong ties to the Kamilaroi tribe, has instilled in him a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the importance of community and cultural connection. He actively maintains his ties with the people of his 'Country', ensuring that the rich heritage and wisdom of his ancestors continue to guide and inspire not only his journey but also enrich the broader Toowoomba community.

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Rebecca Fogarty

Board Member - Business Pillar Chair

Introducing Rebecca Fogerty, a seasoned Property Manager with over two decades of experience. Her career has provided her with a unique window into the lives and homes of countless individuals and families. This exposure has not only honed her professional expertise but also deepened her understanding of the diverse challenges people face, including the heart-wrenching reality of domestic and family violence (DFV).

Rebecca's encounters with families affected by DFV have left a lasting impact on her. These experiences have ignited a strong commitment to fight against this issue. She is passionately dedicated to enhancing education and awareness about DFV and is driven to empower those who are most in need of support. Her goal is to help foster a community where safety, respect, and support are the cornerstones of every home.

As a member of Toowoomba Together Inc., Rebecca brings her invaluable insights and unwavering dedication to the table. She is an advocate for change, working tirelessly to ensure that the issue of domestic and family violence is not only recognized but also effectively addressed within our community.

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Darren Lange OLY

Board Member, Business Pillar Committee Member & Marketing & Events Committee Chair

Darren Lange, an Olympian and a prominent figure in the Toowoomba community, brings a legacy of both athletic excellence and entrepreneurial success. Born and raised in Toowoomba, Darren's journey from an Olympic swimmer to a successful business leader over the past 30 years is a testament to his dedication and skill.

Beyond his business ventures, Darren is deeply committed to making a significant impact in the realm of social welfare. He is particularly passionate about addressing the critical issues of domestic and family violence. His dedication to this cause goes beyond mere advocacy; Darren is actively involved in raising awareness and fostering actionable strategies to combat these challenges in our community. His leadership and commitment in this area are driven by a vision of a safer, more respectful, and supportive society for all

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