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Respond to Someone
Experiencing DV

Take action, if you feel someone is experiencing domestic violence

If you know someone who is experiencing domestic violence, respond with care and understanding. Start by listening to their story without judgement. Let them know that they are supported and not alone. Provide information on how to access help, such as local hotlines or shelters, and remind them of their right to safety.


Offer your support in any way possible while respecting their decisions and choices. Encourage them to reach out for professional help if needed – there is no shame in seeking assistance when faced with a dangerous situation like domestic violence.


Take all accusations of domestic violence seriously; never ignore signs or brush off the issue as insignificant. Above all else, ensure that the person feels safe and that their wellbeing is prioritized at all times.

As a starting point, review our list of quality support services and resources


Our Vision

By 2030, our community will practice safe, respectful relationships


Take part in Toowoomba Together's, Not In Our Community campaign. We encourage you to view our campaign launch video and spread the word. Do we accept Domestic & Family Violence? #NotInOurCommunity

Show your support by sharing this Not In Our Community video to your social pages.

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