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Recognise Someone Experiencing DV

Together, we can make a difference.

Domestic violence can take many forms; it is not always physical. Other signs of domestic violence may include psychological or emotional abuse, financial control and sexual coercion. Common indicators of domestic violence include:

- Possessive behaviour - a partner who constantly monitors your movements, checks up on you, or tries to isolate you from friends and family.

- Verbal aggression – name calling, belittling and enforcing rules that are designed to exercise power over the other person in the relationship.

- Controlling behaviour – making all decisions with little or no regard for the wishes of the other person in the relationship. This form of domestic violence can also extend to controlling access to finances, what sort of clothing is worn and when contact with friends and family is allowed.

- Physical violence - domestic violence can include behaviour such as pushing, hitting, slapping, strangling or using a weapon to threaten the other person in the relationship.

- Coercive control - is a form of domestic violence. It involves an abuser manipulating, intimidating and isolating their partner through various methods such as controlling their finances or access to information, keeping them from seeing friends and family, monitoring their movements, accusing them of cheating, etc.


If someone you know is in an abusive relationship, it is important that they seek help immediately. There are numerous resources available both online and through helplines which can offer advice on how to escape domestic violence. It is also important to remember that domestic violence should be reported to the police and relevant authorities as soon as possible so that measures can be put in place to protect those affected. Together we can make domestic violence a thing of the past.


Our Vision

By 2030, our community will practice safe, respectful relationships


Take part in Toowoomba Together's, Not In Our Community campaign. We encourage you to view our campaign launch video and spread the word. Do we accept Domestic & Family Violence? #NotInOurCommunity

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