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Media and Marketing Sub Committee

The Media and Marketing Sub-Committee helps organise the events that TTI undertake or are involved in including the annual Community Awards Night and annual White Ribbon breakfasts.

Toowoomba Together
Community Recognition Award

Each year Toowoomba Together holds a prestigious event to recognise and celebrate those in our community who have taken extra ordinary efforts to raise awareness, provide support or work hard to reduce domestic and family violence in our community.

Our 2022 Community Recognition Award Winners

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Congratulations to all of our 2022 Community Recognition Award recipients!

Thank you for all your hard work in the prevention of Domestic & Family Violence in the community.

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This year’s winner of the prestigious Paul Myatt Memorial Award, which recognises a person who strives to empower people to influence change through inspired thinking and action, guiding them towards positive outcomes on an individual, group or broader community level… Indeed this year’s recipient can easily be regarded as the quintessential Champion of Change in our community!

Congratulations to Dana Bradow!

Dana was instrumental in the Champions of Change concept within sporting clubs and has personally driven the project through sporting organisations across Toowoomba and the Darling Downs and further afield to neighbouring areas.

Dana was also instrumental in the production of Toowoomba Togethers, Not In Our Community video campaign.

Congratulations Dana! Thank you for all you do for your community. This award was presented by the Myatt family.

2022 Paul Myatt Memorial Award - Dana Bradow

Sporting clubs throughout our region have such a wide ranging impact and exposure to families within our community. That’s why the winner of our Sporting Pillar Award has the power to enact tremendous positive change throughout our community.

This year’s recipient has further entrenched their commitment to the cause by hosting a Not In Our Club round, which highlighted the club’s pledge to promote the importance of safe respectful relationships which also saw three visiting clubs sign up to be Champions of Change through the Not In Our Club program.

This year they had club members attend the Toowoomba Together Inc Domestic and Family Violence “Recognise, Respond and Refer” workshop, further educating and providing an additional support to their members, officials, and loyal supporters.

This club is a true Champion of Change and should be commended for their commitment in helping create a positive culture, where everyone feels safe in their sporting community.

The winner of the Toowoomba Together Sports Award is Toowoomba Rangers Rugby Union Club. The award was accepted by Monique Willis, presented by TTI Sports Pillar Committee Member, Ms Dana Bradow. Congratulations!

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2022 Sporting Pillar Award
Toowoomba Rangers Rugby Union Club

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2022 Education Pillar Award - Toowoomba Grammar

This organisation, the recipient of our Education Pillar Community Recognition Award, the Toowoomba Grammar School.

Toowoomba Grammar recognises that young men are the majority of perpetrators of domestic and family violence and the School aims to have a positive impact in developing young men that will stand up and speak out against domestic and family violence in the future.

Toowoomba Grammar have supported other community initiatives, such as the Domestic Violence Action Centre, by attending the annual candlelight vigil and awareness march. Each year DVAC representatives have been invited to the school to address the students on assembly and the students have in previous years attended the Toowoomba Together Domestic Violence Summit and White Ribbon Breakfasts.

Congratulations to the Toowoomba Grammar School with the award accepted by Toowoomba Grammar Deputy Head Mr John Anderson, presented by TTI Management Committee Member and Education Pillar Chair, Ms Maryann Walsh OAM.

The winner of the Toowoomba Together Health Pillar Award at last week’s Community Recognition Award Night received their award in recognition of their commitment and promotion of harmony and integrity.
Through their business, this individual is helping young men understand their roles in family, community and beyond, what is healthy and what is harmful in relationships and reclaiming what it means to be a man.
Young men learn about equality, respectful relationships, self pride and healthy masculinity via hiking, mentoring, On Country Camp and many other youth-led innovative projects.
This individual has inspired many young people for the past 15 years and now is passing on his learnings to young men who once were involved in the program, now becoming mentors.
Toowoomba Together recognises Mr Adam Wenitog for his long commitment to developing and providing programs designed to educate our youth about respectful relationships. Thank you and congratulations Adam!
Presenting the award was TTI Management Committee Member, Mr Charlie Rowe.

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2022 Health Pillar Award - Adam Wenitog


Congratulations to all of our 2021 Community Recognition Award recipients!

Thank you for all your hard work in the prevention of Domestic & Family Violence in the community.


The annual Paul Myatt Memorial Safer Region Award winner this year was Reverend Eddie Dean, who was nominated for his amazing efforts in gathering and uniting cultures together. Reverend Dean has worked tirelessly behind the scenes on many community projects aimed at unifying people, showcasing peace and promoting non violence. Reverend Dean was very grateful and honoured to receive the award and, as he made his way to the stage to receive his trophy, he broke out in spontaneous song in his native language, Cook Islands Maori, which he then translated “I have come a long way but I will always remember what I have been taught” These photos are just a small glimpse of an extremely emotional moment from the evening! Congratulations again Reverend Eddie Dean on your award, it was well deserved!

Highfields Redbacks Rugby Union Club won the Toowoomba Together “Sports” Community Award. @redbacksrugbyRedbacks received this award for their efforts in the “Not In Our Club” Campaign, supporting their club and others to stand up and address issues of violence, especially domestic and family violence. Thank you Highfields Redbacks for using the power of sports to help spread the message that violence is never acceptable, on or off the field!


The first ever winner of the Toowoomba Together “Health” Community Award was Jenny Alchin @civicassist Jenny received this award in recognition of “her efforts as a youth worker at Civic Assist, but also giving back in her spare time. You will see her out on a week night, volunteering her time to improve the lives of youth living on the street. Jenny is a great advocate for youth and educates them on sexual violence prevention strategies. She is also an excellent role model and very approachable. She has been described as “having a really warm personality, and one of those people that you feel like you have known for years”. Jenny recently presented the work she has been doing through Civic Assist for youth and her efforts to reduce gender based violence is going to make a real difference.” Thank you, Jenny, for giving so much of your time to help the youth in our community who are struggling with issues of violence

Centenary Heights State High School who were awarded the first ever Toowoomba Together “Education” Community Award, at our Community Recognition Evening in May The students received this award in recognition of their outstanding work, producing the incredibly moving “Eurydice Dixon” song and accompanying video clip Principal of Centenary Heights SHS, Maryanne Walsh, accepted the award on behalf of the students and then provided guests with some insight into the effort these students put into the project. Afterwards, the video clip was played and there was not a dry eye in the room.


The Toowoomba Together “Faith” Community Award was Pastor Ross Savill @rossco_savill. Pastor Ross Savill received this award in recognition of “his 30 years working with youth and refugees in our city. Teaching them about respect for one another, the opposite sex and also their community. His work, along with his team has been consistent, and invaluable. They run a variety of programs & sports that offers hope and health on so many levels. I don’t think anyone else has worked in this space in our city for so many years.” Thank you for everything you are doing within the Faith pillar of our community Pastor Ross!

The Toowoomba Together “Business” Community Award was Protea Place  @proteaplaceincProtea Place received this award in recognition of “The magical support web they weave, which ensures the continuum of safety and the preservation of dignity to those less fortunate within our community. The impact on our local community is immesurable. Not only do they help so many women and families but they were one of the only agencies that stayed open during the whole of Covid lockdown, to make sure everyone had a safe place to go. Instead of closing the doors they opened them wide for people to go if they needed support with DV, homelessness, showers, food etc. Protea Place also have assisted women to create homes with their Welcome Home project, Oakey outreach, free daily lunches, health support and advocate for women in Family court and child safety issues”Well done ladies and thank you again for your contribution to the community!

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