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Recognise Respond Refer

We are not alone. Friends, work colleagues, our community can help.

Domestic violence affects millions of people in communities around the world and is an unacceptable form of abuse. It can take many forms, including physical, sexual, verbal and emotional.


Think about the 3 R's approach; Recognise, Respond, Refer.

Recognising domestic violence can be difficult and often survivors feel ashamed or trapped by their abuser. However, it’s important to remember that anyone who experiences domestic violence has the right to seek help.


If you are worried someone might be a victim of domestic violence then the best thing to do is respond with kindness and compassion. Let them know they have your support and listen carefully to what they say without judgment. Reassure them that domestic violence is never acceptable and encourage them to look for professional help if needed.


Referring domestic violence victims to support services is an important step. There are many domestic violence support services available, such as helplines, counsellors and domestic abuse charities. These can offer advice and guidance on how to safely leave an abusive situation and may be able to refer people onto other specialist services.


Domestic violence can have devastating consequences but with the right help and support it is possible for survivors to rebuild their lives. By recognising domestic violence, responding with kindness, and referring survivors to appropriate support services we can all make a difference.

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Our Vision

By 2030, our community will practice safe, respectful relationships


Take part in Toowoomba Together's, Not In Our Community campaign. We encourage you to view our campaign launch video and spread the word. Do we accept Domestic & Family Violence? #NotInOurCommunity

Show your support by sharing this Not In Our Community video to your social pages.

Our Values


We believe that all members of a personal relationship have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. Diversity of opinion, experience and belief brings a richness to all relationships.


We believe that mutual respect is the cornerstone of all safe respectful relationships. Mutual respect stems from healthy self-respect and dedication to constructive resolution of conflicts.


We believe that an informed community can collaborate to fully understand the impacts of gender-based violence and be motivated to support victims and perpetrators.


We believe that a commitment to diversity embraces the experiences and opinions of the whole community while encouraging participation from a broad range of people. 

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Our Strategy

Click here to download a summary of our 2021 Strategic Plan.

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